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A Painting Fiesta is actively pursuing new locations in existing markets and other select areas throughout the country. In general, A Painting Fiesta Studio looks for family oriented locations in both established and growing markets. A Painting Fiesta provides a fun and relaxed painting experience with local artists and professional educators who are dedicated to build relationships one brush stroke at a time. A Painting Fiesta’s branding is one of a kind giving it a little kick with its festive all family friendly and multi-culturally diverse art!

Target Market Selection: Our APF Team ensures that you future site location is strategically place in order to achieve its fullest potential. Our real estate partners use proprietary customer model software to identify the exact target markets within each territory. Based on those target markets, A Painting Fiesta franchise partners are provided available site locations that fit our criteria (seen below) so that they can make an educated decision based on facts, instead of a “hope this works” decision making process.

The information below describes the IDEAL location. We understand that it may not be possible to find the ideal location, but we want to provide criteria to base your decisions off of.

Store Specifications

Ideal Space for an APF Studio

  • 1,200-2000+ square feet
  • Plaza type venue, near a major street or highway
  • Being able to display APF logo on façade
  • Walk-by traffic preferred


  • Female Driven Businesses (Hair & Nail Salons)
  • Restaurants (Family Oriented/ Affordable)
  • Local or franchise Ice Cream parlour
  • Kid gym, Karate or Ballet school


  • Population: 8,000 qualifying households with $50k* minimum income within 5 miles/ 12 min. drive time.
  • Population: 50,000 within 5 miles
  • Ages: 5-55 years old
  • Focus on young family homes

Facility Requirements

  • Open store layout
  • On site restrooms
  • Handicap accessibility
  • Accessible parking lot

Preferred Locations (In Order of Preference)

  • Store front retail spot
  • Store front plaza venue
  • Any space in a strip mall

Guidelines in Our Search For Your Venue

Vanilla Shell Minimum Requirements

  • Central AC unit system
  • 1-2 bathrooms, handicap accessible
  • Smooth ready to use floors
  • Wood sealed or concrete, ready for stain/seal
  • Great lighting/ Emergency lighting
  • Smooth, clean walls ready for paint
  • Sprinkers if needed
  • 10′ foot ceilings if possible

Additional Location Requirements

  • Good signage visibility and size allocation
  • Try to obtain a TIA (Tenant Improvement Allowance)
  • Rent abatement
  • Negate Triple Net if needed

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