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A Painting Fiesta┬« is looking for qualified franchisees who want to own a full filling business with amazing motivation, an entrepreneur spirit and giving happiness to others in this industry. The A Painting Fiesta brand attracts both families and adults, a family friendly name that does not alienate any type of audience. We are the only the “Wine & Paint” art studio that caters to both children and adults giving A Painting Fiesta the upper franchise advantage over any other. A Painting Fiesta is meant for anyone to enjoy from young to old, male to female and all sorts of ethnicities.Relax, take nothing seriously and enjoy good company.

A Painting Fiesta is ideal among women in business, who truly grasp the entertainment function and the importance of customer service. A Painting Fiesta is one of the best franchises for women, moms and young couples who are looking for financial independence and joy in their careers.Ideal candidates should have good people skills, good values, and the ability to provide leadership in their studio and generate good communication and respect. Artistic background is not required, but preferred; your sole responsibility is management. On a Financial level, A Painting Fiesta® requires that all of our future candidates must have a minimum of $80k of liquid assets.

This estimate covers the following costs associated with starting A Painting Fiesta Franchise:

  • Franchise Fee
  • Business Licenses & Permits
  • Leasehold Improvements
  • Fixtures, Furnishings & Equipment
  • Computer Systems
  • Architect / Engineering Fees
  • Rent, Security Deposits, and Utility Deposits
  • Other professional fees
  • Insurance deposits
  • Initial Inventory
  • Grand Opening Advertising
  • Initial 3 months of operating capital

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A Painting Fiesta has franchise opportunities for women and men who have passion and dedication in starting a new business and venturing into new and exciting page in their lives.

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