A Painting Fiesta’s technology elevates the customer experience and ease for the business owner. Giving franchise owner a competitive advantage to have more free time and complete more administrative duties. We give you the know-how in making your everyday tasks organized and easy. – Keeping employees delighted with a carefree atmosphere by giving them access to online tools and every day technology making their work day a simple ease. – Complete payroll with a few clicks of your mouse with our partners. – Maximize profits with our credit card partner and bring low rates to our franchise owners. – Plan for future growth with easy to use business reporting tools and real time information – A custom email blast system to inform your customers of their classes, upcoming calendars and future events. – Full training of web access in order to reduce response time to customers in order to increase seats sold per class and the ability to input highly requested paintings at your whim.
You will be given our proprietary initial Jump Start Training guide, a Franchise Development Manager will assist you in great depthsin finding an ideal location to start your APF business. Once a location has been finalized, you will journey on a 7-10 day of training, at our flagship studios in South Florida. There, you will learn our everyday operational skills needed to excel at A Painting Fiesta’sexemplary customer service standards. Your initial artist staff and your self will be trained in the detailed tasks by one our experienced artist trainer.
Depends on you. We have opened studios in 10 weeks and others in 5 months. Our staff are flexible in scheduling.
Every studio differs in results of individual franchises, these factors are not within the control of A Painting Fiesta, certain locations will outperform. However, after speaking with A Painting Fiesta’s Franchise Development Officer and reviewing intended location we may give you a estimate in the possible earnings. To have a better understanding we advise you in viewing the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), this will give you a better understanding in detail. Once you have done so we may speak in more detail to the next franchise process.
Yes. We always welcome existing art studios in becoming part of the A Painting Fiesta Family. We do require all new equipment and aesthetics to look exactly like A Painting Fiesta®. Contact us for more information.
Yes of course, if we think it’s a suitable action then we may do so.
At A Painting Fiesta® it is not required but preferred, it depends on the individual needs of each franchise owner.
Of course! One of our Franchise Development Officers will give you the one on one attention to ensure your studio is located in the right area with the right demographic.
Without a doubt. We will guide you in all avenues of marketing and advertising to ensure success for your business. At A Painting Fiesta it is in our utmost interest in assisting and maintaining the APF brand, simply put we are a family.
Real Easy! The first step is to fill out the inquiry and click submit. A Franchise Development Officer will be in contact with you shortly to discuss details!

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