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Benefits in joining APF Franchise


At A Painting Fiesta we have a single focus in purpose to assist our franchise locations in becoming the strongest and most profitable that they can become. We have developed tested processes and metrics that give the best chance for our stores to succeed. We are able to do that because we know through experience what works and what doesn’t. We’ve made the mistakes, corrected them, so you don’t have to do it. We practice what we preach every day in our own stores and throughout our system.

Our team provides the hands-on experience that helps franchisees understand how to implement a cost-effective program in their stores by monitoring cost of goods, labor costs, equipment maintenance and hiring solid managers and personable art instructors.

Every franchisee has a one on one experience with our founders at the beginning of the process and ongoing assistance and support thereafter. Local marketing and advertising plans are developed individually for each location as well. Support also includes product development, personnel development and store operations. In addition, our training team spends the opening week in the stores with the manager and owner operator. The goal is to ensure every phone call, lead or person books an event with us while providing an amazing experience customers will share with others.

Our Clear Advantage

At A Painting Fiesta our primary focus is in kids art education (enrichment) program after-school. With our new fleet of vans A Painting Fiesta offers a one of kind and door to door art experience beyond the bell. We also host adult evening classes and parties for all special occasions. Our branding family friendly branding has enabled our franchise partners target and reach any age group and gender. If you’re a passionate innovator and art lover with an entrepreneurial spirit than A Painting Fiesta is the perfect blend in the art studio franchise industry!

Customer Service

A Painting Fiesta® studios are the most knowledgeable in customer service. Our training guide provides you with invaluable experience and the confidence to handle any situation that comes your way. We are only one phone call away.

Marketing Strategy

80% in our type of business excels by word-of-mouth endorsements, so our marketing tactics have been created to generate that type of energy and as well as never underestimating the influence of gorilla marketing. We will share all of our techniques for reaching the ideal customers in an affordable and effective manner and advise in what marketing tactics should be used in your location.

New Product Development

No other art studio franchise, has founders that are artists, who hand pick each one with a high quality standard expectation. Creating unique and fun paintings, our customers have a constant eye on our calendars and emails having a 40% repeat customer rate hence we keep creating those paintings that customers crave for their relaxing wine and paint class.

Community Involvement

Giving back to the community is crucial, building a strong and continuing relationship with local artists, schools, community centers, non-profits and so on. A Painting Fiesta’s positive impact on the town with donations and community fundraisers throughout the year will do good for both APF and the community.

Environmental Conservation

At A Painting Fiesta we try to find every avenue to improve and recycle, making our Earth greener. We are the only art studio that reuses the plates for the next day’s party. We are keen in using environmentally-friendly paint products, recycling and reusing our everyday products.

Friendly Tech

APF’s management systems are full proof, from employee hour tracking, web innovations and marketing system. Leading up to more free time to focus on running the business and engaging your local community with more painting fiestas!.

In bringing these attributes is a catalyst for a proven business model, bringing a powerful franchise business to your local neighborhood. It’s an opportunity in helping and giving people of all ages smiles, while providing your family with the financial stability and fulfilling your life’s dream. A Painting Fiesta® is a new franchise idea that will cater to both adults and children unlike other franchises that only target one. Join the birth of a new and better “Wine & Paint Art Studio” concept.

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